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The U.S Army board of the welfare department has made the new rules for the expatriates in war zones, that request for a work leave to be applied by their loved ones/friends/relatives for the reasons below. Health Leave: The health leave is the visit whereby an expatriate/soldier under the U.S Army Organization is not in Good health and his loved ones/friends/relatives may need him home for proper treatment. Romantic vacation: when military personnel need to spend time away from service to spend some time with a loved one(there has to be an exclusive reason for it to be granted)

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Marital Leave: This leave is whereby the Government gives an expatriate/soldier the opportunity to leave the war zone to meet up with their fiancee for marriage purposes.

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I must also bring to your notice that the United States military authority in collaboration with the United Nation does not ask our troops to pay for their official leaves or holidays/vacations assigned and approved by the military authority but in a situation where any member of the US military on his or her own discretion and agreement with persons in question apply or request for an emergency leave it must involve payment of fees in line with the number of weeks or months leave duration that will be chosen as available for only emergency reasons on request by troops on peacekeeping mission only.

It is very important that you understand these points very well and the more reasons you must pay and support in other to give this office the support to give approval to your request.

We have the following leave duration to be considered and approved for accepted Applicants seeking for coming home of their family on a peacekeeping mission and as the department has offered you the chance to choose from the below leave duration with non-negotiable payments attached to each leave duration.

The United States military officers seeking for emergency leave to spend some time with their family and look well into their health are entitled to the following leave/ emergency vacation options as stated below and must use it as requested and no misconduct is to be tolerated:



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This must be well understood for any applicant/fiancée and instructions made here must be dully followed with the payment of the amount fixed on each emergency vacation choice made in accordance of the rules and all guidelines clearly stated on this memo to avoid mistake or termination of approval.

NOTE: For payment of any choice of leave duration, applicants are to make complete payment for the leave duration option or choice made by applicants.

You are hereby expected to tell us which Leave category you choose A-D so that the appropriate payment details will be sent to you with instructions on his date of arrival.

1-3 months of work leave.
6 months-1 year work leave.

Kindly tell us the duration you are applying for your loved one/friend/relative at the war zone so that we can forward you the necessary information for the leave processing.